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The Passing of K9 Falco

It is with heavy heart that the Belchertown Police Department announces the passing of K9 Falco.  Falco was the first K9 to become a department member, and over the years he and his handler, Officer Adam Brougham became a valuable asset. Throughout his career Falco never disappointed, whether it was locating stolen property from a house break, drug seizures from motor vehicle stops or tracking and locating missing persons, Falco proved his worth time and again.

Falco started with our department in 2008 and was actively working up until the end of 2015. Falco was trained in Patrol, Narcotics and Tracking.  In addition to Falco’s patrol functions, he was also very active in our Community Policing Programs, taking part in numerous public demonstrations.

In 2016, due to his age, Falco was retired from police service.  Upon retirement Falco spent the rest of his time as a beloved family member with officer Brougham.  Earlier this year Falco was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his health slowly deteriorated up until his passing.  Falco was surrounded by Belchertown Police Officers and Officer Brougham was holding him as he quietly passed on.

Falco will always be remembered as a serious dog with a comical side.  When you see Officer Brougham, ask him about Falco, I’m sure he will have many stories to tell you. I know Officer Brougham is missing him terribly as does the rest of the department.

Rest in Peace Falco


K9 Falco 9/23/05 – 06/17/16

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