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Belchertown Police Department Blood Drive

This past year has seen a lot of negative commentary in the press about policing in America.  While some of this may be true in other departments, I don’t believe it is indicative of policing as a whole and in my opinion, it certainly does not apply to our community.  In spite of the all the negative reporting on the police profession our community has shown us nothing but love and support.  This has been evidenced by the flood of thank you cards, letters, conversations with members of the community and most importantly (LOL), the food offerings that have been dropped off at the police station in recent weeks.

Although, each day we endeavor to provide the very best police services to our town, we, as a department wanted to show our appreciation and acknowledge this support by doing something special for the community.

The Senior Center dining room all set up for the blood drive

The Red Cross nurses ready to take a pint or two

Chief Pronovost got in on the action too!

Six beds, no waiting……Next!

School Resorce Officer, Jason Krol being prepped

Chris Mayo, the officer responsible for putting this all together

Senior center helpers said they came to work just for the donuts

Officer Krol and Nurse Grace

Local building contractor, Donald Besancon sitting in the #1 seat

The line of people waiting to donate a pint

Hampshire County Sheriff’s Department

Deputy David Fenton provided refreshment’s to the participants

Officer Brougham and his side kick, Apache put on an excellent K9 demonstration

Belchertown’s K9 Unit


After some brainstorming, one of our newer officer’s, Chris Mayo, suggested a blood drive.  Chris said that his better half, Grace, works as a phlebotomist for the Red Cross and she commented that there is currently a shortage of blood.  Chris suggested to the Chief that a blood drive would be a positive way to show our appreciation, and to also give back to the community.  Chief Pronovost mulled the idea over and before we knew it a date was set and Chris was full steam ahead with the planning and implementation of his idea.

The first order of business was to secure a location for the blood drive.  Fortunately for us, the Senior Center graciously donated the use of their dining room and also provided volunteers to assist with the event.  The blood drive was then widely advertised and before long people were calling and making appointments to have their blood drawn.

On the day of the Blood Drive the Red Cross provided everything needed for the collection of the blood along with Grace, Nikki, Sara, Kara, Monique another Sarah and Tina to collect the blood from our donors.

Hampshire County Sheriff’s department provided Deputy David Fenton to dish up free hotdogs and burgers to anyone who gave blood and probably a few people who didn’t!  There were representatives from our Triad group handing out information to our senior citizens about the Triad program.  Belchertown’s own K9 Officer Brougham along with Orange Police K9 Officer, Chris Bisceglia put on an excellent K9 demonstration, providing a good time for all.  Each person that donated blood was given a special “I Bled for Blue” tee shirt that was purchased by the Belchertown Police Association.

Our initial goal was to collect 30 units of blood however, 58 donors showed up exceeding all of our expectations.  All in all, I would have to say that the Blood Drive was great success.

The Belchertown Police Department would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated, participated or helped.

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