Department Divisions: K-9 Unit

The Belchertown Police K9 Unit was started in 2008. K9 Falco was purchased with funds that were donated by businesses and residents of the community. The K9 Unit costs are still offset by donations. In December 2015 K9 Falco was retired and was repalced with K9 Apache. K9 Falco spent his reitirement with Officer Brougham in his home until he passed away from cancer in 2016. K9 Apache is trained in a variety of searches from illegal narcotics to missing persons. Since it’s inception, the Belchertown Police K9 unit has had numerous successful searches which have revealed hidden stashes of narcotics, assists in locating lost individuals and the recovery of evidence.

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Earlier this year K9 Theia was added to the K9 unit rounding it out to two dogs K9’s. Theia compliments the K9 unit by bringing in a special skill set that includes bomb, explosives, ammunition and gunpower detection. The K-9 Unit is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During the regularly scheduled work hours of the team, they cover all jurisdictional mileage of the town.

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The K-9 Unit is available for:

1) Track and find wanted criminals or missing persons in urban, rural, or rugged wooded areas.
2) Search all types of buildings for criminals in hiding.
3) Search for evidence or property connected with a crime.
4) Search for illegal drugs that have been hidden.
5) Chase and apprehend criminals escaping arrest, who may be armed and dangerous.
6) Act as a deterrent and back up in dangerous situations such as fights, riots, and disturbances.
7) Upon request from the School Superintendent, search school grounds and property.
8) Provide high profile foot patrols of places that may be considered sensitive since the terror attacks of 9/11.

The K-9 Unit is also available to assist other police departments in other jurisdictions when needed.

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K9’s Apache and Theia are available for public or group demonstrations of his skills, and would be glad to attend school, Boy/Girl Scout functions or other similar events. Lastly, the K9 program relies on the generous donations of those who recognize the important role that a K9 serves. Donations are always greatly appreciated!

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Please contact Ofc.Adam Brougham for information.

For more information on the Belchertown Police K9 unit please visit our K9 Facebook page.