JOL Information: Time Restrictions

A Junior Operator may not operate a motor vehicle during the hours of 12:00 a.m. (midnight) to 5:00 a.m. unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Why A Time Restriction?

Accident rates are higher for our youngest drivers late at night . . .

  • Generally, there are fewer cars on the road late at night and that may encourage speeding, drag racing, and taking more chances at higher speeds.
  • Young drivers may also be tired when coming home from a part-time job or be rushing home to make a curfew.
  • The use of alcohol and drugs may be more prevalent at late night parties. These substances slow reflexes and impair judgment. Having several friends in the car may also contribute to inattention and more reckless forms of driving.
  • The Johns Hopkins study also found that the accident rate increased significantly during early-morning hours when passengers were present. Statistics indicated higher accident rates for teenagers after 10:00 p.m. and even higher rates after midnight!

    Legal Penalties for a Violation:

    • A violator of the Time Restriction is considered to be unlicensed.
    • It is a criminal offense and the Junior Operator may be arrested and punished by a fine and the license may be suspended.

    Please note: New changes to the JOL law take effect on March 31, 2007, including much tougher suspension and financial penalties for violations of the Passenger and Time Restrictions, and other motor vehicle laws. Check the RMV’s Website ( for more information.