Community Policing: R.A.D.

“R.A.D,” Rape Aggression Defense, is a self defense program specifically designed for women.  It employs defensive tactics that are easily recalled under extreme duress, and is considered a  “no-nonsense” approach to self defense.  The R.A.D system involves education and awareness, risk reduction and avoidance strategies and physical training.  Participants are taught by certified instructors and are provided training and reference manuals. 


Programs Offered by the Belchertown Police Department

R.A.D. Basic Course
This course is specifically designed for the beginning student.  The curriculum includes both an academic framework and hands-on physical training of core defense techniques and principles.  This is an 8 to 12 hour training program required for advanced work, aerosol and keychain defense.  [Click icon for more information.]

R.A.D. Advanced Course
This course reviews core defense techniques and introduces advanced defense against edged weapons and firearms as well as multiple attacker scenarios and sensory distortion exercises.  [Click icon for more information.]

R.A.D.  For Seniors
This course is specifically designed for senior citizens.  The curriculum addresses the unique challenges and threats presented to seniors.  The program is a collaboration of education and awareness, physical fitness , and defensive tactics specifically designed for the older student.  [Click icon for more information.]

R.A.D.  Kids
This course is specifically designed for children ages 3 to 11.  This unique program discusses stranger danger, risk assessment and awareness, defensive techniques and strategies specifically created for children and delivered in a fun, controlled and professional setting.  [Click icon for more information.]

R.A.D. Aerosol Defense
This program explores the use of aerosol defense sprays including mace and pepper spray.  Deployment techniques, holstering, storage, and  target  acquisition skills are discussed and drilled.  [Click icon for more information.]

R.A.D. Keychain Defense
This program reemphasizes both basic and advanced defense principles while integrating the use of  the kubaton—a small 6” hardened plastic baton, used for pressure point, striking and joint-manipulation techniques.  [Click icon for more information.]


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